The Italian Beef

Hot dipped Italian Beef Sandwich In the world of sandwiches, you have on one hand the 5-minute peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, that can be thrown together by a few simple ingredients in just a few minutes when you're feeling snackish. And then you have the sandwiches that requires a little bit extra effort, time and … Continue reading The Italian Beef


The Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo sandwich, served with cherry and blackcurrant jelly This is a classical American take on a traditional dish: take a French sandwich, make it even more French by using French toast, name it after a French book and cover it in sugar: Voila! A Parisian in America. Feeling peckish already, and can't wait … Continue reading The Monte Cristo

The Hot Brown Sandwich

Hot Brown sounds and looks a bit like a hot mess, but considering the ingredients this sandwich flaunts, there is no reason to think that this will be anything else than a smashing success: delicious, buttered and garliced bread, sliced turkey, a creamy sauce, topped with copious cheese and crispy bacon on top - it … Continue reading The Hot Brown Sandwich

The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

What more fitting way to start the Sandwich project, than by tackling the sandwich that started it all: The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. It is with some trepidation I embark on this venture, as the mere sight of the meal that sparked this project is enough to make me feel sated before I even start the … Continue reading The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich